September 1, 2014
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The Rock of Waterbury Food Pantry Ministry distributed
10,368meals in the month of June, 2014. All I can do
is say....

"Thank You, Yahweh!"

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Believer or Son?

A poll conducted in June, 2008 by the Pew
Forum on Religion and Public Life found that
92 percent of Americans believe in God. This
could easily be embraced by Christians as a
great triumph of our faith. It is not. Being a
believer is not enough.

James 2:19 says:

You believe in one God. You do well. The
devils also believe, and tremble.

Welcome to The Rock of Waterbury

Sunday @ 10:30 AM   |   Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 6:30 PM

Thank you for honoring us with your presence. This is a House of love, acceptance, renewal, and divine order. Our purpose is to serve and worship Yahweh, the Ancient of Days, the Great “I AM,” in Spirit and in Truth, to walk blamelessly before Him and before men. If you are tired of the “same old same old,” if you hunger for righteousness, if you thirst for the Living Water that quenches the parched soul you have come to right place. And if you do not have a church that you call home – welcome home!

Spanish Speaking Ministry

Part of our vision is to go where no one has ever gone before, to do what has never been done before. A recent demographic study shows that more than 50% of Waterbury is Hispanic. If my purpose is to take this city for Christ, how can I do that without reaching out to this dynamic community?

Pray in the Spirit

Pray in the Spirit

Pray in the Spirit