Apostle & Amy Ulsh

Eight years ago we embarked on the greatest adventure of our life.  We had just gotten married after following long and broken roads in each of our lives.  Together we left our beloved Pennsylvania and headed to Connecticut.  We drove through a for-real blizzard and arrived at our new little home exhausted, excited, and slightly afraid.  But we had each other, and Yahshua was always there.

A month later we held our first service; the dream that we had about The Rock of Waterbury had become a reality.  This month, January 29, 2017, we celebrate our 8th anniversary.  So much has happened:  from a small (and really cold!) meeting room with metal folding chairs to a beautiful sanctuary (complete with heat and nice chairs!) that was literally given to us.  This is, without question, the most challenging thing we have ever done.  There has been laughter and there have been tears.  Through it all Yahweh has shown Himself Faithful and True.  Now we look at what has been given to us, and by that we really mean “who” has been given to us – the amazing men and women of this House, the sons and daughters of righteousness who have so courageously stood by us and with us through this incredible journey – and we rejoice.  The blessing and favor that is ours is immeasurable. 

Now we look ahead to the great things that are still before us, this New Season, this New Day, and we are more excited than ever.  We have charted a course that is bringing us to wholeness and holiness.  We know it won’t be easy.  We know there will be times when all we can do is hold onto each other and cry out to our King, our Savior, our Captain.  But we have been called to something far greater than ourselves and we choose to stand, knowing that the Great I AM THAT I AM is bigger – just bigger.  That means the good times will far outweigh the bad, because Love always wins.

And that’s really what it’s all about – love.  We are outrageously in love with our Father, incredibly in love with the sons and daughters of our House (each of whom has come to us courtesy of their own broken road), and more crazy in love with each other than ever. 

Could we be doing something else?  Yeah.  There are lots of other things we could pursue.  So it’s a fair question to ask:  would we do it all again?